Case Studies


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Problem Domain

Our client is a very experienced and seasoned Sales professional. He came up with idea to develop to develop Sales Business Relationship Intelligence Solution that helps B2B Sales professionals to manage their sales activities more intelligently. He has an awesome idea and were finding right team to transform his ideas into Execution and want to rollout his first version out to the market


Synclovis has recognized the potential of the client idea and setup Product Incubation team to work on his idea. Our team has involved from Client requirements Analysis and discussion, Design the Technical Solution, Development and deployment.

Relatas is relationship Intelligence for Sales Professionals helping them to Auto discover interaction insights. It render your interactions over all channels like Emails, Calendars, Phone and Social network and do predictive analysis to provide you insightful information on where and whom you need to focus on so that you can connect with those prospects on time.

We worked very closely with client to rollout the first version in 6 months time. There were many challenges throughout the journey of the solution, we overcame one by one and delivered GTM (Go To Market) Product.

Few prominent challenges

  • Mapping Relatas User calendar and Google Calendar to sync open timeslots
  • LinkedIn common connections between any two relatas user
  • Document page level Tracking

Technologies Used

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